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Meet the Governors



The Governing Body


The Governing Body comprises parents, staff and members of the local community from a range of different backgrounds. We are volunteers who are committed to ensuring that every child achieves their full potential in a way that builds their confidence and develops a love of learning. We want each child’s journey through our School to be as positive and enjoyable as possible. We aim to achieve this by working hard to discharge our core functions, providing a balance of effective challenge and support.


The Governing Body’s three core functions are:


· Ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the School:


This will be seen in the work of the Governing Body, supporting the School to agree its strategic priorities, aims and objectives and agreeing policies, plans and targets for how to achieve them, short, medium and long term. We then monitor progress against these priorities, aims and objectives.


· Holding the School leaders to account for the educational performance of the School and its pupils, and the performance management of staff:


This will be seen in the work of the Governing Body in monitoring the standards of education and the progress and achievement of the pupils, monitoring the implementation and evaluating the effectiveness of the School Development Plan, monitoring progress towards targets and aspirations that have been set and to support and strengthen the Headteacher’s leadership.


· Overseeing the financial performance of the School and making sure its money is well spent:


This will be seen in the work of the Governing Body by the regular review of the School budget, planned spending and the effectiveness and impact of the money spent in terms of the fabric of the school, the delivery of the curriculum and the progress and attainment of the pupils.


How we work?


The full Governing Body meet twice a term. We have three Committees: Teaching & Learning, Resources & Personnel and Premises, Health & Safety all of which meet termly. In addition we have working parties to deal with specific projects or issues. Governors are also allocated individual roles which are linked to their particular skills and interests. We visit the School on a regular basis, both formally and informally, and get to experience what life in School is really like, the behaviour and attitudes of the children and the hard work of the staff.


How can you help?


It is important for us as Governors to understand how our parents and carers feel about the School and your child’s experiences. Please do speak to us and share any ideas, comments or questions you may have. You may see some of us in the School playground and we will always be in attendance at School functions but you can contact any one of us via the School Office. However, just a reminder that any specific concerns you have regarding your child should be dealt with in the first instance by their class teacher and then, if necessary, by the Headteacher. Our role is strategic not operational and, as such, we do not get involved in the day to day running of the School.


Further information


Please click on the links below to see how our Governing Body is constituted, our Committee memberships and details of our “Special Interest” Governors. Copies of our Full Governing Body minutes are available at the School Office should you wish to read them.

If you are interested in possible opportunities on our Governing Body then please get in touch with the School Office and we will contact