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A message from the Chair of Governors - School Budget - Bucks Free Press

School Budget  - Bucks Free Press– Setting the Record Straight


Those parents and carers who read the Bucks Free Press will have seen an article published on 13 June about some South Bucks schools underspending their budgets and questioning why this money is not being ploughed into their children's education.  Our School was mentioned specifically with the article quoting an underspend of £161,566. 


One of our core functions as Governors is to oversee the financial performance of the School and to make sure its money is well spent. We do this rigorously and the School reports to and is closely monitored by BCC on a termly basis. The “budget surplus” the article refers to is money that the School has saved over many years for the extension, for the most part, from its devolved formula capital grant; this money can only be spent on capital items such as refurbishment, buildings and improvements to buildings (in our case the extension) – it cannot be used for the “children's education” (books, equipment, teachers etc) as the article erroneously suggests.  


In order to build the extension the School has been supported by parents, staff, former parents and the wider local community with all the tremendous fundraising activities and donations. As a result the article has caused embarrassment to the School and the Governors who feel that it is extremely misleading and damaging. We will be looking to set the record straight with the wider community as soon as possible. If any parent or carer would like more information then please do get in touch with me via the School office. 


Thank you very much


Vicky Brindley

On behalf of the Governors of Chalfont St Peter Infant School