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Butterfly World

On Tuesday 25th March, Year 1 travelled to St Albans to visit Butterfly World. It was our turn first to visit the small insect house. We all listened to the lady who taught us about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We saw lots of Owl Butterflies hatching in a heat box. If we were brave, we were able to hold a hissing cockroach. Even Mrs Jones had a try!

After, we went into the Butterfly House. We were so happy to see the butterflies fluttering around us and even landing on our coats and arms. Some of us had more than one butterfly come and land!

We loved exploring all the gardens. It was raining a little but we didn't mind! We went in the 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' garden where all the flower pots were gigantic! We were amazed by the enormous match box and key. Some of us went through the hole in the bottom of the flower pot!

After a trip to the shop, we got back on the coach for home. What a wonderful day... Now we are looking forward to welcoming our baby caterpillars in June where we will watch them turn into a chrysalis and hatch in our butterfly garden.
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