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Fun learning and activities during our 'Under the Sea' topic!

We have been having a wonderful time learning about 'Under the Sea'.  

We have all enjoyed learning about the creatures that live under the sea and what they look like.  
RCH had our first piece of homework - finding out about our favourite sea creature and sharing it with the class. We were all brilliant at speaking in front of our groups and remembering interesting information.  

Mrs Barnett helped us to make a wonderful under the sea 'frieze' in the book corner.  We added some coral and seaweed using KNex! Have a look at our pictures.... It was fun using the snorkel mask and flippers to pretend we were deep sea divers! 

Last week, we investigated water.  We tried to make different sounds by pouring the water and using different containers.  It was good fun, especially when we got wet! It was interesting to find out what containers made the different sounds.  

We have been investigating the similarities and differences of shells. Comparing them with our partners was good fun - we learnt to use good describing words too.  We will be designing and making our own special shells this week.  

It has been a wonderful topic and the children and teachers in RCH have learnt so much! 
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