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Let us go back in time to 1893!

This term Year 2 have been learning all about Queen Victoria. We studied the jobs children used to do, written our own chimney sweep poems, and sketched portraits of Queen Victoria at different stages in her life. 

On the 26th January 2012 Year 2 visited Reading Museum and Town Hall to explore school life in the Victorian times. 

On the morning of the school trip all the children, staff and parents helpers came to school dressed as Victorians and they looked fantastic! It was clear just how much effort had been taken by both parents and children. Thank you very much for making their experience so special. 

Once we got to the museum 2SG went straight back in time to 1893 where they entered a Victorian classroom, and it was scary! There was not one sticker or happy box in sight... 

The children used slates to practice sums and copybooks and ink pens to practice their handwriting. 
Matthew volunteered to have the cane and Emily chose to wear the Dunces cap. 

Please see our photos to get a better idea of the adventure we had!
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