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Milestones Museum 17.11.17

We had a fantastic trip back in time to Milestone's Museum of Living History today! After an exciting coach journey we finally made it to the huge Museum which looked impressive from the outside alone...


After dropping our bags and coats off, we whizzed off into the Museum's cobbled streets, spotting various features such as a coal cover and tram - making sure to tick them off of our spotting sheets as we went! Lots of us even had the opportunity to dress up in costumes from Victorian times and then put them to good use whilst having a look in a Victorian classroom! It was fascinating to see the small blackboards the children used in those days, especially when comparing them to our own mini whiteboards we use in class...


After a much anticipated lunch break we headed back out into the Museum; our next stops included visiting an old sweet shop, an iron mongers and not forgetting the exciting shop, where our coin skills were put to good use! We were very pleased with our purchases and couldn't wait to try them out on the journey home.


Our time at Milestones went so quickly - a sign of a brilliant day! We learnt lots about life in the past, and found the realistic buildings, shops and cobbled streets fascinating.


A huge thank you to our lovely helpers for coming along and supporting us - Mrs Narramore, Mrs Nicholls and Mr Anastasis! We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!


Take a peek below for a few pictures from our day...