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Shortenills 2013 - Miss Webb's Class!

At last, Wednesday 12th June 2013 arrived and 2JoW finally departed for Shortenills! Everyone was so excited! After making cosy beds and allowing precious cuddly toys to settle into the dorm, all the children went to the school room to begin learning! Lots of activities are planned for the next two days including orienteering, teddy bear shelter building and observing live small mammals.

Lunch was very welcome by all the hungry children! 2JoW said "farewell" to 2JP and later enjoyed a roast chicken dinner! In the evening, the adventure playground was enjoyed by all children with lots of laughter and friendship. 

Bedtime was late and waking up was early!!! Teachers were slightly tired!

Please see below photos of the first evening at Shortenills... More will be added as they become available.
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Picture 2
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