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Butterfly World

On Monday 25th March 2013, Year 1 travelled to St Albans to visit Butterfly World. It was a freezing cold day, so we had to wrap up warmly to tour the gardens. When we arrived we went to explore the giant garden where we saw an enormous garden fork and huge flower pots!

Then  we went into the Nature Study Centre to learn about the life cycle of butterflies. We knew lots about this because we had researched this subject for homework! We had the opportunity to handle giant snails, hissing cockroaches and stick insects!

Next was a visit to the ant experience. There, we saw leaf cutter ants who carried huge pieces of leaf back to their colony. At last we entered the butterfly house. There was an amazing moth that was so huge! We also saw owl butterflies; they were beautiful. 

It was a wonderful school trip and now we look forward to growing our own butterflies in June. We will take delivery of 35 caterpillars. They eat lots and we will watch them turn into a chrysalis. After they have hatched into the butterfly garden we will release them into the Environmental Area on 'Freedom Day'!
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