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Woburn Safari Park 05.07.16

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Woburn Safari Park!


On arrival we made our way around the safari, coming very close to lots of amazing animals such as tigers, bears, wolves and even lions. The monkeys were very popular as they lived up to their names; being very cheeky and taking a ride on one of our buses. We counted four on the roof by the time we left their enclosure; they clearly wanted to come back to school with us as the keeper had to move them off with a stick!


After the safari we had a lovely picnic on the grass, sharing exciting stories in the sunshine about the animals we had seen and building our energy for the busy afternoon ahead!


We saw lots of exciting sights for the rest of our trip, some of us headed to Rainbow Landing to feed tropical birds. We were very brave and had birds on our hands (and heads!). Other highlights included the Reptile House where some of us were able to stroke a Bearded Dragon, and the Land of the Lemurs where we saw the lemurs playing and climbing very high. Some of us were even lucky enough to stroke an elephant in Elephant Meadow – it was very rough and hairy!


Needless to say our trip was a roaring success; before we knew it we were headed back to school, full of exciting explorer tales to tell our friends and family.


A big thank you to our helpers - Mrs Chambers, Ms Platts and Mr Kott!