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Milestones Museum of Living History

On Tuesday 19th November 2013, Year 1 travelled to Basingstoke to visit Milestones. During our visit, we saw many houses and homes from the past and we even saw an outside toilet! The Victorian school room was not as nice as our classroom as the teacher was very strict and seemed rather cross most of the time! We wrote on slates with very squeaky lead sticks.

Many of us dressed up in Victorian clothing and we were amazed by the old wash tubs and dolly pegs used to do the washing! No luxury of a washing machine where you just turn it on at the plug! The hair dryers looked a bit scary and the hoovers look like they would blow dust out rather than suck it in!

After lunch we all had the opportunity to visit the shop where we had great difficulty in deciding on our purchases! After a trip back on the coach where a few of us fell asleep, it was time to go home for tea!
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