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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school! All the brilliant portraits have been carefully drawn by our Gifted and Talented artists. Thank you to Isabella Pugh, Fei bi Allen, Charlotte Meacock - past pupils.

Headteacher - Ms Jean Cornes

Finance Officer - Mrs Jackie Griffiths

Administrator - Mrs Susan Prunty

Adminstrator - Mrs Mary Leech

KeyStage 1 Manager - Mrs Janet West 
                   Year 1 Teacher 

Early Years Manager - Mrs Zoe Bagley
            Year R Teacher

Year R Teacher - Miss Isabella Pitman
Year 1 Teacher - Miss Zoe Forsythe
Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Jo Chambers

Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Michelle Edwards

HLTA - Mrs Teresa Jones 


LSA - Mrs Mary Leech

LSA - Mrs Carla Montesinos

LSA - Mrs Lorraine Swatman

LSA - Mrs Debbie Dalston


LSA - Miss Katie Dyer

LSA - Mrs Clare Richards

LSA - Mrs Sarah Page


LSA - Mrs Lisa Tuddenham

PPA LSA - Mrs Lisa Whyte

SEN LSA - Miss Evie Bryan

SEN LSA - Antje Lampe


SEN LSA - Mrs Tara Matthews


Mid-day Supervisor - Mrs Syeda Reza

Mid-day Supervisor - Mrs Sam Sansom

Mid-day Supervisor - Mrs Claire Scott

Caretaker - Mr Richard Freeman

Cleaner - Mr Richard Pearce

Cleaner - Mrs Sam Sansom