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Grandparents Day

On Wednesday 14th December RKS invited the children's grandparents in to class to join the children and take part in lots of festive activities. 
The children and their grandparents worked there way around five different activtites:
  • Paper plate Santa
  • Letter to Santa
  • Christmas hat
  • Decorating a snowman
  • Christmas colouring sheets
Following the carousel of activities everyone enjoyed their mince pie and squash. RKS then took centre stage and performed the song 'Little Snowflake' for their grandparents. To end the day the children gave their grandparents a gift which the children had made. 

Both the grandparents and the children in RKS enjoyed the special day. It was a lovely opportunity for the grandparents to come and spend time with their grandparents and gain more of an insight into the school day.