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Science Week 5.6.18-8.6.18

Science Week 2018

 5.6.18 – 8.6.18


What a fantastic, scientific week we have had! We have learnt about a range of different Science topics through doing lots of exciting experiments! These included:


  • Illusions – we created a Spider Spinner which showed us how when the circle spins quickly, our brain can’t separate the pictures so the spider looks like it is on the web.
  • Sound Tube – we worked with our partners to create a sound tube. This showed us how sound travels in waves, as when we tapped the tube over a candle, the flame flickered!
  • Reaction Test – we tested our reaction times by seeing how quickly we could catch a ruler! The lower the measurement, the quicker the time! Three children got 1cm!
  • Making Butter – we worked in teams to shake our double cream and in ten minutes were able to make butter! We learnt that by shaking the cream the fat clumped together forming butter and left a liquid behind called buttermilk which is low in fat!
  • Bobbing Balls – we created a ball bobber using a paper cone and straw. We found out that as we blew, a stream of air flows under the ball and pushes it up, so it hovers.
  • Pipe Cleaner Balancers – perhaps our most exciting experiment was creating a balancer using pipe cleaners! We tried balancing them at first without any beads and found they wouldn’t balance as their weight wasn’t stable. By adding the beads we stabilised the balancer’s weight and we could balance them on almost anything!
  • Fluttering Birds – we created a folded bird flutterer using card, then stuck them to the table using tape. We placed our water bottles in front and blew! By doing this we found out that the air flowed around the bottle so it could still make the bird flutter!
  • Paper Helicopters- we loved making these spinning helicopters using folded paper and a paper clip to give it some weight. We learnt that the helicopter falls to the ground because of gravity and spins because as each blade hits the air it forces the air out to one side.
  • Tower Challenge- we had a fantastic morning working alongside both Year R and Year 2 children, trying to build a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows! Mrs Chambers set us the challenge to see who could build the tallest one! It was a real challenge but we learnt lots about how to stabilise a structure; finding that by using lots of spaghetti instead of one strand strengthened the sides and by breaking the marshmallow into smaller pieces we were able to make better use of it. It was an amazing experience working alongside different peers and we persisted even when it was tricky!


Take a look below for some pictures from our action-packed week!