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Pirate Week

The week beginning the 21st May was Pirate Week in Year One. As part of the weeks Literacy theme we made ourselves into pirate characters, created treasure maps and wrote stories about our pirate adventures. Everyone worked very hard, producing excellent pirate inspired work!

We finished the week by dressing up as pirates and we certainly made a motley crew! We read stories on the pirate ship, wrote messages in bottles for the 1JW pirates to find and some of us even had to walk the plank! We loved looking for treasure in the Environmental Area, finding lots of gold coins and even some gems; we are hoping to buy some new parrots!!

As we were such brilliant pirates we managed to capture a few prisoners throughout the day including Mr Wood, Mr Leech, Mrs Harrison, one of our Governors, and Ms Cornes! Luckily for them we let them go after collecting a small donation towards our treasure of course!

All in all it was a fantastic day, Captain Peg Leg Webb and all of her crew had a great time and made wonderful pirates as you can see.
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