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Pizza Express Trip

On Thursday 19th April, RCH visited Pizza Express in Beaconsfield, to learn how to make pizzas! We were very excited about our trip - most of us had decided what toppings we were going to have, days before! When we arrived, the manager explained what was going to happen.  He gave us a special hat and apron to wear.  We washed our hands and got ready to make our pizzas! 

The chefs at Pizza Express were there to show us what to do.  It was quite tricky learning how to make the pizza base - Miss Hayward nearly dropped hers!  We added tomato sauce and then the toppings.  We chose toppings that some of us hadn't tried before and added lots of cheese.  
We visited the kitchen where we saw our pizzas in the oven.  The manager told us all about the oven and how long to cook the pizzas for.  

We had to wait until the end of the day to take our pizzas home - they looked delicious! We had a brilliant time.  

Many thanks to the manager and staff at Pizza Express, for making us feel so welcome and for teaching us how to be 'Pizzaiolos'!  
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