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Pirates in Literacy

This week we have been learning all about 'Pirates'! We have created a pesky character using our own faces! Everyone loved making a treasure map and our messages in bottles were hidden in the Environmental Area for 1JoW Pirates to find! Our stories were inspired by sailing on Captain Westybeards ship ' The Westyfield'!!! Our vocabulary was excellent and we tried hard to use adjectives and connectives. The best bit was the treasure hunt! There was even a blue gem necklace hanging in the tree!

The Pirate Ship in the playground is just amazing for us. We sailed away and we tied up Mr Leech and Ms Cornes! They didn't have any treasure so we let them go! Look below at all the wonderful pictures and video clips of our role play day. 

Captain Westybeard has lost her voice because she has been 'Arrrghing' all day long!
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