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Festivals and Celebrations

Festivals and celebrations was a wonderful topic!  Throughout the second half of the autumn term, the children in RCH took part in lots of activities and experiences whilst learning about different festivals and celebrations.

Bonfire Night – We learnt lots about the story of Guy Fawkes.  We described the sounds of the fireworks and what they looked like.  We pretended to have a bonfire on the playground and imagined we were holding sparklers! We created lots of pictures of fireworks – even on the computer!

Diwali – It was interesting learning about the story of Rama and Sita. We learnt about the festival of light and spoke about displaying lights in different religions and cultures. We made diva lamps from clay and decorated them in pretty colours.

St Andrews Day – We are lucky to have Mrs Leech in our class who could teach us about St Andrews Day.  She brought in a kilt to show us and we spoke about the traditional clothes in Scotland. We tasted some Scottish food – Irn Bru and Shortbread was our favourite!

Christmas – The weeks leading up to Christmas were very busy!  We enjoyed playing the parts of the Animals in the Stable - Miss Hayward was very proud of our singing. We went on our first school trip to the Pantomime – we enjoyed booing at the Wicked Witch in Sleeping Beauty.  The next day, our grandparents and other visitors, spent the morning with us.  We enjoyed Christmas crafts and sang a song to them.  We all had a mince pie as a treat! (Thank you to Budgens-Maloney for the donation!) It was a very special afternoon had by all! Finally on Wednesday afternoon we performed our Christmas Concert and had a special Christmas Treasure Hunt on Thursday!

A busy but wonderful end to the Autumn Term!
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