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Science Week 2013!

Between 20th - 24th May 2013, we held our annual Science Week. The whole school worked together to focus on  Science activities in order to develop our investigative skills and understand 'how' and 'why' things happen. We enjoyed visits from 'The Mad Scientist' and 'Science Boffins' where we watched amazing experiments; we saw water disappear as it was absorbed into gel and extreme light was created! On Tuesday the Year R and Year 1 children worked collaboratively using Speaking and Listening skills while learning about different aspects of Science. On Wednesday we welcomed the 'Quantum Theatre' as they performed 'Octopushy'! We learnt all about the effect of pushes and pulls in our daily lives. 

Our week culminated with a sharing assembly where we all shared our experiments and experiences: Year R explored the weather - they found out it is still very cold! When is summer coming Year R? They all made windmills for a windy day!

1JW created 'Zappy Zoomers' and experimented with 'dancing raisins'! Why did those raisins move up and down when placed in lemonade? 1SC built houses for the Three Little Pigs and made sure that they were waterproof! Lucky pigs! If you want a roof that doesn't leak, ask 1SC!

2JoW explored the  'Egonaut' experiment. They protected eggs with different materials and dropped them from a great height - a very messy time for Miss Webb! 2JP observed the effect of different solutions on eggs and blew up balloons with yeast! 

Following our week of investigation, experimenting and creating, we think we are now Super Scientists!
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Ravina says "That's cool!"

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