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Pizza Express 2013

A lovely trip to Pizza Express where RCH learnt all about Pizzas!

We arrived at the restaurant by coach which was very exciting as some of us had never been on a coach before!  We met Rod the manager and enjoyed learning all about the restaurant.  He taught us how to make a pizza which was a little tricky! We flattened the dough, put it into a pan and then added the sauce. We had to shake the pan to cover the base.  It smelled delicious! We added some cheese and herbs before Rod put them in the oven.

While they were cooking, we tasted lots of different toppings and visited the big kitchen. We met the chefs.  We learnt that they make 1600 pizzas a week! After the pizzas were cooked we took the coach back to school.  

Later that day lots of us had pizza for tea! We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

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Picture 2
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