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Independence and Self Care Activities

Developing independence will benefit your child significantly to get them ready for school. These skills include tidying away toys and taking care of their belongings etc. We would aim for children to go to the toilet independently and for children to be able to dress themselves without help. Some of these skills will take time but please keep trying and practising them. Allowing time for your child to practise dressing themselves and giving your child ownership over taking the shoes on and off will help them to become quicker.


•Practise getting dressed independently.

•Practise putting PE kit on.

•Teach you child how to independently put school shoes on.

•Learn how to independently do up zips, poppers, Velcro etc.

•Ensure your child can go to the toilet independently.

•Learn how to wash hands and manage personal hygiene s.

•Practise tidying up after activities

•Learn how to use a tissue

•Practise using a knife and fork