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At Chalfont St Peter Infant School we aim for our children to be working scientists by asking questions and developing a curiosity and interest about the world around them. We intend for all children to develop their scientific knowledge progressively, acquiring the skills and concepts needed to confidently discover and explore their environment and the wider world. We want our children to have inquiring minds and to embrace the scientific opportunities they are presented with by providing exciting and stimulating lessons and experiences which they will remember and build on for years to come. We use and teach scientific vocabulary to cultivate a rich curriculum and promote a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge.



All teachers create a positive attitude to science learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in science. We do this by providing varied and progressive science lessons fully adhering to the aims of the national curriculum whilst promoting child led learning. Our children build their skills, scientific vocabulary and develop understanding via fun, engaging and practical lesson plans which encourage scientific thinking. Where possible we provide practical, hands on experience developing the children’s understanding of observation, investigation, grouping and classifying to achieve set learning objectives. Our science curriculum is carefully planned and monitored to ensure continuity and progression across the year groups.


Our whole school approach to the teaching of science –

  • Each topic is taught in set blocks to enable the children to fully focus on the learning and develop understanding by studying each topic in depth
  • Planned lessons are differentiated, catering for the differing abilities of each child and helping all to reach their potential
  • Prior learning and existing knowledge are assessed though key questioning, allowing the teachers to gauge misconceptions and gaps in learning. They also enable opportunities to recap concepts where necessary
  • Teachers assess the children using the statutory teacher assessment framework to make a judgement at the end of each year group
  • Effective use of educational visits are planned, to enrich and enhance learning experiences within the Science curriculum.
  • Through enrichment days, such as ‘science week’, we promote the profile of Science and allow time for the children to explore scientific topics.
  • Where appropriate Cross-curricular links are made with other subjects such as Maths and Computing.



Our Science planning and the robust, positive teaching of science lessons leads to children being engaged in their learning and the development of scientific thinking skills. All children are encouraged to be enthusiastic science learners and taught about the impact of science on our world today and in the future. Our Children are provided with a good foundation of science knowledge upon which they can build as they progress though their school life.