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Science Week Activities In Year 2

Science Week 5th-8th June 2018

TuesdayWe learnt how colours of the rainbow are formed then made our own Rainbow Spinners.

 Mrs Whyte bought her Pet Tortoise to school to visit us! She explained how to take care of him and what he likes to eat.

Next we made Bubble Prints to show washing up liquid can hold air inside its bubbles.

After that we made Catapult Planes to investigate how the elastic band gave the plane more energy to travel. We had a competition to see who could fly their plane the furthest!

WednesdayWe found out how vibrations, created by a wet paper towel sliding along a string, made a sound like a chicken by making a Chicken in a Cup! The cup amplified the sound and made it louder. The sound was quieter at the end of the string and louder near the top of the string.

Then we investigated the centre of gravity by balancing Swirly Snakes onto straws. We had to be very accurate with our cutting skills or our snake would not balance.

In the afternoon we worked in groups to make a container to protect an egg ready for the Egg Drop Challenge. Mrs Chambers dropped each container from the top of a ladder.  The strongest containers protected the eggs best and the winners were given a prize.

Thursday – We made Moving Picture Books after watching a video to help us understand how they work. As you flick the book the individual pictures are moving so fast that your eyes are not able to keep up.  Instead of seeing individual pictures, your eyes only see one picture that looks as if it is moving.

Next we wrote secret messages to our families using Lemon Juice Invisible Ink. Lemon juice reacts with oxygen and turns brown when heated so to read our message an adult had to iron it!

After that we discovered How Much Sugar is Hidden in our food and learnt about making healthier choices. 

In the afternoon we made Zappy Zoomers to demonstrate how aerodynamics and streamlining help objects to fly.  We also launched Film Canister Rockets to demonstrate how gas builds up so much pressure inside the closed film canister that the lid pops off.  We were so excited to see our rockets WHOOSH into the air!

The more fizzy tablet we added the faster and higher the rockets flew.


Friday - To finish our exciting Science Week we joined together as a whole school to complete a challenge.  We worked in teams with the Reception and Year 1 children to build Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers. There were some fantastic tower designs and excellent team work taking place.  The winning tower measured 46cm; it had a very strong, wide base.