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Pirate Day 16.6.17

Y’arr! What an exciting Pirate Day we had!


Captain Peg Leg Forsythe and her Elm Crew had a marvellous day creating mischief and mayhem in Chalfont St Peter Infant School...


Our morning began with a strong bout of singing to make sure any neighbouring crews were warned of our whereabouts, no ship would want to come across Elm Crew that’d be sure!


We then headed into the hall to watch a swashbuckling performance of ‘The Jolly Roger’ by The Rainbow Theatre Company and waited with baited breath to see whether the Captain would be able to rescue the King’s son and his treasure. We found the characters very funny and fitted in very well due to our amazing costumes! See below for a peek at our pirate attire...


After break time (all pirates need a rest from hornswaggling and looting) we wrote a message to go in a bottle. Some of us wrote about being deserted on a sandy, hot desert island – others warned rival crews to stay away from our treasure!


The highlight of our Pirate adventure was our successful marauding around school! After registration we plotted our evil but brilliant plan to not only steal what we could from Pine Class, but as they had already hidden their Happy Box treasure, we decided to steal the next best thing... Miss Pitman! After some brilliant acting to ensure we could get in position, we successfully looted Pine Class and took Miss Pitman as our prisoner... she remains in the Elm Galleon dungeon to this day.

After our completed mission we were all made to walk the plank by Captain Peg Leg Forsythe then went hunt for treasure, finding lots of shiny, golden doubloons!  We then played a game of ‘Y’arr Y’arr Ahoy!’ (Captain Peg Leg Forsythe’s new variation of ‘Duck Duck Goose).


By the end of the day we were all pirated out and ready to venture on to new waters to continue our mischief and mayhem!


A memorable day was had by all me hearties...