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There has been lots of activity with our class pets and plants....


The caterpillars ate lots of their food and became really big. Then they formed a chrysalis (which is hard and shiny, not spun like the cocoon Sam the moth made). They then attached themselves to the lid of the container and we transferred them onto the chrysalis station and put them inside the pop up net. We now have to wait for them to emerge as butterflies. How exciting!

Thanks again to Eddie and his mum for giving us this opportunity.


Hopefully your beans continue to grow at home. My beanstalk grew a few flowers which have since turned into pods with beans growing inside. Do you have any pods yet? How long are they? 


Tony is doing well, he sends his love. He has been enjoying the sunny weather and exploring my garden. He has been eating lots of lettuce so I have tried to grow new plants from the root just by putting them in water. As you can see from the photos, new leaves have begun to grow. Perhaps you could try this at home?


Our potatoes are growing well. The are being well looked after by the children in school and watered everyday. We added more soil on Thursday to cover the shoots and encourage the plants to grow even more potatoes.


Keep checking to see what changes are happening in your garden. Have any new shoots popped up in the sunny weather and have those trees grown new leaves yet?


Happy growing!


We will update when the butterflies have emerged.