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The children in RCH were Scientists for a week!

During the week of the 28th of May, Chalfont St Peter Infant School had a Science themed week.  The children in RCH had a wonderful time, taking part in investigations and experiments.  Have a look at our diary below to find out what we got up to.

Monday 28th May

We asked Miss Hayward if we could learn more about the parts of our bodies and keeping healthy.  In the morning we watched a theatre group performance of healthy eating and exercise.  We learnt lots of ways how to keep healthy and fit, it was good fun too!
In the afternoon, we worked in groups to draw around each other and label the parts of the body.  Some of us could even name parts inside our bodies! We also learnt how to sing Head Shoulders Knees and French! 

Tuesday 29th May

It was a very exciting morning!  Some people came to visit our school to teach us about different animals and where they live - their habitats.  We had the chance to touch and hold some animals.  We were very excited and very brave too!  There were lots of animals and other creatures such as meerkats, owls and stick insects. Our favourite was a very big, furry bat!
We then worked with Professor Bird to learn how to make bubbles.  We learnt how bubbles are made and how to make different sized bubbles.  Professor Bird made a huge bubble - it was amazing!
In the afternoon, we learnt about keeping healthy.  We made a healthy plate of food, sorted food into unhealthy and healthy and did some exercise too.  

Wednesday 30th May 

On Wednesday we learnt how to be a good scientist.  We decided on some important rules to follow when taking part in investigations and experiments and then the fun followed! We used magnets to find buried treasure, we investigated Shark Pepper Water - moving pepper when you put your finger in the water! We put into practice what we had learnt with Professor Bird and made our own bubbles.  The most exciting experiment was making volcanos!  

Thursday 31st May

We took part in some more investigations today.  We made some lava, using oil, water, colouring and salt.  It was messy but good fun to see the changing bubbles.  We also made some helicopters - we learnt that adding paperclips to the bottom makes the helicopter fall to the floor quicker. 
In the afternoon, we took part in a sponsored skip. We felt our heartbeat before and looked at each others cheeks....then we took part in the skipping!  It was good fun learning how to Jump Rope and practice skills to help us to learn how to skip.  

Friday 1st June

In assembly this morning, we shared all the experiments and investigations we had done.  It was interesting to learn what the other classes had done too.  
To finish Science Week, we watched a 'volcano' erupt in the playground.  We had to stand back and watch carefully.  The 'lava' went very high! It was a brilliant experiment - Miss Hayward and Miss Smith got very excited! 

The activities RCH enjoyed the most were the animals visiting, singing our song in French, blowing bubbles and making volcanos!  A busy but very fun week! Please look at the photos in the gallery below....