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27th April 2020

Hello Yr R


Well, can you believe it?

Another week has flown by!

We hope you have been having lots of at home adventures – we have heard that there has been camping happening in back gardens, chats with neighbours on walkie talkies and fire fighters turning up to put out neighbours out of control garden fires!

Creative people have been busy making Numberblocks and Alphablocks out of clay and tall 3D towers have been built out of blocks, people have been busy making creations, hammering wood to make wooden chairs and even crochet knitting! Not to mention lots of halving work and beautiful posters being designed.

Some adventurers have been out on their bikes (falling off and getting back on again!) and others have been discovering the delights of the Misbourne river now that it is flowing again. Someone built a wormery, another a bug hotel. There have been den’s made and Birthday cakes baked. Your parents must be exhausted!

Thank you for sending us your posters, there were so many great ideas on how to help our environment. They included, reminders to turn off lights, turn off taps, recycling ideas and encouragement to build composter. A poster to go in the shower to remind everyone to have short showers and a poster promoting the use of rechargeable batteries! Another super poster was a reminder to take your water bottles when you go out. Well done everyone.

We have organised more activities for you to complete next week which we hope you will all enjoy, there is even work for Mummy and Daddy to do!

For those of you who would like some extra, fun maths activities we have set up an account for each of you at RMeasimaths. Please see the file attached which details how to access this resource. If you would like to complete the activities that is great – but it is not something that you must do. Please follow the directions and if you have any problems email your class teacher.

Have a great week!


Best Wishes


Mrs Whyte & Miss Pitman